Why I Love My Home

…because sometimes I drive into our driveway and am greeted by these beauties.

Our neighbor owns a few horses and boards several more on a regular basis. They graze the pasture in the background mostly…except when they roam up our driveway and into our yard. Even growing up in Texas, I never was around horses, other than the occasional guided ride during summer camp. I’m now lucky enough to get to be around them all the time! Of course, it’s all fun and games until they start chomping down on my summer garden. That’s when you’ll hear me singing a different tune. But for now, it’s February and I am enjoying the scenery they bring ❤



My Goals For This Blog

I realized after my last melodramatic post that I didn’t really state what my goals were for this blog. Perhaps I can be considered a bit melodramatic. I’ll call it passionate.

I’m inspired by so many other bloggers who teach us how to live more holistically, sustainably, frugally, and although I may have something inside of me somewhere that I could teach you, that is not my goal (if you write such a blog, be very confident that I read it word for word and I’m thrilled every day to find my subscription feeder clogged with such a wide array of knowledge). I know my blog will develop its own personality over time, so I find defining it prematurely would be a bit zealous.

As I stated in my previous post, I really am sick over what our society has become. I want it to change, and I want this blog to be the next phase of  my personal change. After spending countless hours perusing the blogs of such incredible people and their efforts to create a lasting legacy in their families and communities, and having created such incredible friendships with like-minded people, I’m near easily convinced that our society isn’t in trouble after all – I mean – how can there be so many great people making a positive difference, and yet our society still be in such dismay? I think we’re on our way out, we just need to become the majority; the task is slow, yet we’re steadily persevering toward our goal.  We refuse to let lobbyists, politicians, and the man run our lives. In numbers, THEY are the minority. Why do we do what the media tells us?  The media is their weapon, fired incessantly upon us, yet we sit in apathy and forget the most simple escape – turning them off.  We do not need them telling us how to think, where to spend money, how to raise our children. We refuse to be branded by their insatiable greed, and will no longer hide under the cloak of ignorance and passivity upon which they fearfully rely.

Please do not let this confuse you. I am not of the mindset that we should forsake all the incredible things that our society has. We have made remarkable advances in arenas such as medicine, nutrition, technology and industry. We have progressed in fashion, style and education. I believe our shortcomings are sometimes merely part of our learning curve.  Let’s embrace the positive and continue progressing past the negative. The way I see it, the more positivity there is, the less room for negativity remains.

So broadly, I will  say that my goals are these:

|  learn with abandon  |
and definitely without pretense

|  positively impact all of my surroundings  |
as Mom taught me, always leave things better than how you found them

|  explore ideas  |
even those that may rebut our current social acceptances

|  choose awareness  |
without pretense, never fighting a battle ignorantly

Aesthetics 03 Print by Jerod Gibson, via society6.com

Aesthetics 03 Print by Jerod Gibson, via society6.com, with text overlay.

My Second First Post

I’ve wanted to blog for several years now, but kept putting it off.  Even after starting this site, and posting the First First Post, here I am 7 months later in the exact same spot as I began…a non-blogger.  But I feel I have so much inside of me that I need to organize and work on, and so much outside of me that I need to, well, organize and work on.  Now I feel as its just not a desire to blog, but a need to.  I want the accountability, the community, but most of all, the source for expression.  I have so many hopes and dreams to which I feel I’ve really just awakened, and if I don’t put my hands and mind to use in making these dreams a reality, then I’ll have lived my life knowing that I never put enough into it to get out that which I really wanted.

Mahatma Gandhi’s words “Be the change you want to see in the world” have stuck with me since I first heard them as a child.  The state of our world puts me in a near-panic.  The state of our country infuriates me.  But more importantly, my state of being alarms me.  I have so much I need to do to feel as if I’m doing my part, much less going above and beyond.  If we are to be the change we want to see in this world, then I have a lot to live up to.

Here goes.

Sewing 101

I’ve decided to learn how to sew!  And I don’t mean barbie clothes and scrunciis like I would sew when I was a kid.  I want to make dresses and shorts and, well, mainly dresses and shorts, but I’m obsessed with the idea!  I have some awesome fabric that I’m going to use for one of these dress styles:

My husband likes the second one, but I really love the first one.  I’ll hopefully end up making both, but only one for now.  Am going to try it this weekend!  Will post pics of the after!